St. Pete Party Bus Frequently Asked Questions

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Party Bus Questions

1How old must the passengers be?
All ages are welcome on-board our buses. However, if any of your guests are under 21 years old legally there can be no alcohol brought on-board.
2Is smoking permitted?
Smoking is not permitted on our buses. However, we provide you with unlimited stops so if you or your guests need a smoke break they will be happy to pull over as soon as they can do so safely.
3Do your buses have a bathroom?
In the interest of providing the best possible experience we do not install toilets on our buses. As stated above we will make as many stops as you need us to.
4Are we allowed to bring food on the bus for our trip?
Absolutely you may, bring whatever you want. Just keep in mind that you will be on a moving vehicle as such we recommend you choose all items you bring on-board as if you're going to be feeding it to toddlers on picture day. If it is something that can make a mess it more than likely will. Keep this in mind as your contract will state that customers will be responsible for excessive clean up fees as well as damage if it is unable to be fixed.
5How many people will fit on the bus?
We are proud to have a wide variety of buses that can accommodate a wide number of groups, all the way up to 42 passengers in our largest bus. The larger your group the sooner you will want to reserve to make sure your group can be fully accommodated. Keep in mind that the passenger tallies are for the maximum amount of passengers permitted by law, much like buildings have maximum capacities so do party buses. We strongly recommend getting a bus that will leave a few spots unaccounted for so everyone is given a little extra room.

Reservation Questions

1What special deals are you offering?
We strongly believe in always providing the best possible offer to our clientèle at all times. Occasionally during our slower times of the year, we may run a rare special for our returning customers in an effort to make sure our drivers aren't without adequate work hours. Additionally, sometimes we are able to offer a group discount when clients book transportation for weddings, bachelor & bachelorette parties, and other multiple day service requests.
2How close to my event should I reserve my party bus?
As soon as you are sure when you will need one. Our buses are booked on a first come, first serve basis. Most people reserve their bus months in advance, many wedding parties go even farther as reserve a year or more in advance. The further from the date of service the more luck you will have in getting your choice of vehicle. Keep in mind because we reserve the vehicle for you and turn others away as a result we are unable to allow cancellations. Once you agree to the terms of your booking you will be responsible for paying the reservation in full.
3Are there any hidden fees that we should be made aware of before reserving?
We don't believe in engaging in deceptive business practices, we believe if you provide a quality, honest service you will succeed on repeat customers and positive word of mouth. We tell you everything you need to know up front before you agree to anything. The only additional fees you may incur are for overages, if your usage of the bus extends past your fully paid 6 hour minimum you will be charged for the extra time at your agreed hourly rate, damages or excessive cleanup.

Bus Feature Questions

1Can we bring along our own music?
Absolutely, all of our buses are equipped with numerous audio options. AM/FM/CD/DVD/Blu-Ray as well as either an auxiliary cable to connect your Smartphone, iPod or any device with a 3.5mm headphone jack or a Bluetooth capable stereo head unit.
2Are we able to watch movies?
All of our vehicles have a Blu-ray player installed in them connected to a 1080p LED television. The size of the TV depends on the size of the vehicle itself. If you choose to insert a disc we urge you to remove it from the player once completed so you do not forget it.
3Do your buses have stripper poles in them?
Most of our vehicles do, some have more than one. In addition to dancing they are also very useful to assist movement on a moving vehicle in addition to providing the vehicle itself some extra stability.
4 Do your chauffeurs have access to GPS units to make sure we arrive on time?
Indeed they do, and not just what they have on their phones, which provides a nice backup alternative to our top of the line profession Global Positioning System. Not only will your driver be able to obtain the best possible route but we are also able to see where your bus is at all times to assist dispatch in helping you should any issue arise.

Need more answers?

Give us a quick call and one of our knowledgable, experienced booking agents will be able to provide you with all the additional information you will need to make your decision. In addition to that they will also be able to provide you with a price quote which is absolutely free without commitment.